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New Housing Opportunities for People with Disabilities

If you are an individual with a mobility or sense oriented disability you may be entitled to an apartment enhancement or a new apartment to increase the quality of your life.

The Authority is now retrofitting units for people with disabilities. 
BHA is creating 125 disability compliant units that will enable us to respond to the growing need for more accommodations for individuals with various types of disabilities. Many changes will be made to the units being retrofitted; everything from custom plumbing and altered kitchen cabinets, to the placement of electrical outlets in specific locations. BHA encourages people with disabilities, including those on BHA’s waiting list, to apply to see if they qualify for one of these newly renovated state-of-the-art homes. Anyone interested in applying for one of these homes should contact BHA's Equal Opportunity Compliance Office at 203-337-8978.

BHA Residents
BHA encourages residents with special needs to come forward to see if they qualify to be placed in either a retrofitted or completely rebuilt unit. Residents may also request relocation to an apartment on an accessibility route, or the installation of certain accessibility features for their existing units, such as grab bars, elevated toilet seats and shower sprayers. To apply, please fill out the resident survey form you received in the mail and send the completed form to the Equal Opportunity Compliance Office (EOCO) at 505 Trumbull Avenue, Bridgeport CT 06606, or pick up copy at their Site Management Office and forward the completed form to the EOCO at 505 Trumbull Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06606. If you have questions you may call the EOCO Officer at (203) 337-8943.

Disability Rights Committee
The BHA has commissioned a committee made up of residents, employees and disability rights activists to ensure that individuals with disabilities receive the utmost in services intended to enhance their quality of life and upgrade their living conditions, with emphasis on their housing. The committee is being chaired by the Disability Rights Coordinator, who also serves as BHA’s Equal Opportunity Compliance Officer. In an effort to provide outstanding accommodations for our disabled residents and applicants, BHA has cultivated relationships with organizational partners. These organizations include but are not limited to the Fair Housing Office of Bridgeport, the Disability Resource Center of Fairfield County and the Southwest Connecticut Department of Health and Mental Services.

Last Updated October 12, 2013